I’d like to be that someone for you. . .

The times in which we live can be quite challenging.


•economic crisis,

•political dissonance,

•conflict within our communities,

•tension and disconnection in our families,

•anxiety and despair within our own minds.

There are times when we feel like we’ve come to the end of ourselves, like what we know, and how we act is no longer working in our lives, but we don’t know what else to do. We easily get stuck in habitual patterns that have the draw of familiarity, but, like old outdated computer software, don’t allow us to access what we are yearning for and deeply need.

There are times when we need someone to talk to. We just need to connect with someone who will listen to us, someone who has some objectivity and perhaps some life experience with which to relate to us. Someone who can help us to see things differently, think about things in a new light, and feel through the things that scare us.

I’d like to be that someone for you.

Here is what I know: The problems you face are the current lessons in the lab of your life. As each challenge shows up in your life, so, too, do the answers, if you but knew how to settle into your center to find them. The process that you are in, whatever it is, is exactly what you need for your healing and awakening.

I am not the Source of Wisdom, as the flaws and shortcomings of my life so consistently remind me. But I know how to help you connect with that Source in your own heart. I am not the Ocean of Compassion, but I know how to help you begin to realize how your life is already unfolding in that Ocean.

I welcome you!