Love — The Yoga of our Times: An 11 Week Class Experience


Love — The Yoga of our Times: The Radical Practice & Path for Becoming the Energy of Love


In this 11 week class experience we will explore and deeply practice into the following themes:

~ How to attune to Love and allow it to really manifest in our lives.

~ How to engage the power of Love in the struggles of our daily lives — to transform, through the power of love emotional states such as anxiety, guilt, and feelings of inadequacy.

~ How to bring the power of Love online in the challenges in our relationships.

~ How to heal the old wounds and resolve karmas with Love.

~ How to apply Love to the discouragement we feel about what’s happening in this world? 

~ How to use the power of Love in a way that benefits those around us, to lift and ennoble human consciousness itself?

~ How to unleash Love in our hearts, to not only be loving, but to become the energy of Love itself.

So what’s the big deal about love? Isn’t love just ‘like’ on steroids? — I like chocolate ice cream, but I love mint chocolate chip ice cream. Isn’t love just a syrupy feeling, a sentiment given to selected people? Isn’t love just a certain kind of attention that we crave from others, an early stage in a romantic relationship sure to be lost over time?

The answer is no, these things have nothing whatsoever to do with Love.

Love is the ‘connective tissue’ of the Universe, holding all seemingly separate and diverse things together in wholeness. It is the unified field that gives rise to, and supports all creation.

Love is the substrate of reality, meaning that whatever arises in experience, if you track down to its origin, you will find only Love. Islands look very different at the surface, but if you dive down to their source, you will find the same underlying ground, the planet itself. Love is the ground of reality, even though at the surface things can appear to be so very unloving.

Love is our felt sense of connection to the Divine Heart, to the emotion of Divine Consciousness towards all manifestation.

Love is the Universal power to set all things right again. As the power of Divine Consciousness to manifest, Love has the ability to bring all things back from lostness, from forgetfulness, from unconsciousness, from ignorance, and from illusion. Love has the power to heal, to restore, to revitalize, to uplift, to transform, and to liberate.

Love is the Yoga of our times — Yoga being the movement of consciousness from darkness to Light, from untruth to Truth, from separation to Union, from fragmentation to Wholeness. After eons lost in the journey of differentiation and individuality, Love is this unifying power that restores all things back to their Source in perfect wisdom and harmony.

More practically, love is the Sacred Balm that heals our woundedness, resolves our karmas, and breaks our attachment to illusion. It is the direct solution to the suffering we experience, personally, relationally, and on a planetary level. We can learn to allow the power of Love to be sovereign in our lives, to utterly transform how we think of ourselves and others, and how we treat ourselves and others. Love is indeed what we have been looking for all of our lives, but instead of the unending search in the outer world, here we learn to find it within ourselves. Rather than trying to get another to love us in the way that we think we need, we can learn to attune to the inner reservoir of Love, learn to Love ourselves in ways that we have never been loved. Love is our birthright, it is our core and essence. Love is waiting to be discovered and unleashed in our hearts.

Each week we will explore concepts and ground them in practices: powerful mantras and meditations, visualizations and ways of breathing that quicken consciousness and open us to the inflow of Divine Love and Grace. There are practices that we will do in the silence of our morning meditations, and practices that will empower Love as we move through the activities of our day. There are practices that are designed to bring deep personal healing and awakening, and practices that will bring great benefit to those around us, and to human consciousness as a whole.



When: 11 Monday evening classes, starting February 25, 2019, from 6-8 PM.

Where: The Center for Spiritual Living, 14 Hillary Ln, Chico.

Cost: $45 per class  (Interested persons for whom money is an issue may make arrangements with the facilitator for a reduced rate. No one who wishes to participate will be turned away.)

Facilitator: This class experience will be facilitated by Scott Wyman, M.Div., M.A., a student and teacher of the path of liberation through meditation for over 30 years. A psychotherapist by profession, he has come to focus on the psychospiritual unfolding whereby healing gives way to awakening.

If you have questions about this class, please call: 530-514-8424. 

To Register: email Scott with your intention to attend. Registration requires a $45 deposit that will apply to your last night of class. Deposits can be mailed to:

Scott Wyman

344 Flume Street

Chico, CA 95928

Or pay your deposit using PayP

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