Meditation retreat

Deepening Into Presence

A 4 Day Meditation Retreat with Scott Wyman

March 25 — 29, 2020

Harmony Ridge Lodge, Nevada City

I am delighted to announce a time to get away and go deep, to heal and rejuvenate, and to drop into the silence and bliss of Being.

The retreat will begin late Wednesday afternoon and run to Sunday noon. The retreat will be held at Harmony Ridge Lodge, a lovely, quiet, natural sanctuary in the hills above Nevada City. Here is a link to their website:

The retreat will be primarily about meditation, and its power to uncover the Light of our True Nature that resides just behind — but also permeates throughout — the drama of the body-mind and personality self. Few touch into this profound dimension due to our conditioning to stay externally focused and preoccupied in a busy mind. We will use music, breath work, mantra, and deep silence to quiet the mind, and open the heart, and make ourself available to the Grace that is always wanting to lift us up into Love and Higher Consciousness.

Residential Retreats, meaning that one stays at the retreat center throughout the retreat, offer a unique chance to withdraw from the stresses, the responsibilities, and obligations that so often preoccupy our attention and keep us from coming into alignment with our Soul. We are able to release the anxiety that life in the world often generates in us and find the Inner Sanctuary, what Jesus called The Kingdom of Heaven within. Experiencing this inner Reality, even for brief moments, can utterly change a life, and shift for the better what it is that we live for. 

The retreat cost is $650, with a deposit of $150 to hold your spot. The balance of $500 will then be due on March 9, 2020. Space is limited at this retreat center, so early registration is recommended.

Facilitator: This retreat will be facilitated by Scott Wyman, M.Div., M.A., a student and teacher of the path of liberation through meditation for over 30 years. A psychotherapist by profession, he has come to focus on the psychospiritual unfolding whereby healing gives way to awakening.

If you have questions about this retreat, please call: 530-514-8424. 

To Register: Please email Scott Wyman with your intention to attend. Registration requires a $150 deposit. Deposits can be mailed to:

Scott Wyman

344 Flume Street

Chico, CA 95928

Or if you prefer to pay via PayPal, click this link: