About Me

Scott Wyman, M.Div., M.A.

I have been a psychotherapist for nearly 30 years. Ten years before I began my training in psychotherapy, and during those three decades that I’ve passionately engaged in it I have also been an avid student of some of the world’s great spiritual traditions — Mystical Christianity, Tibetan Buddhism, Sufism, and Advaita Vendanta — devotionally involving myself in the practices of these traditions that took me deeply into the exploration of consciousness. I did this primarily to alleviate my own fear and shame, something that western psychotherapy had failed to help me resolve. As I grew in my understanding and application of the power of these practices I experimented with bringing them into my work with interested clients. For me to share a teaching and facilitate a practice with a client the teaching/practice had to meet three criteria: 

  1. Does the teaching and practice resolve and/or lessen the acute experience of painful emotion and trauma?
  2. Does the teaching and practice give rise to an expanded consciousness, and an ennobled understanding and experience of self?
  3. Does the teaching and practice promote a life of compassion, connection, and service to those around us, and to the world at large?

After these 40 years I have come to exclusively focus on the psychospiritual unfolding whereby healing gives way to awakening. I blend western psychological insights, including neuroscience, with ancient teachings that have stood the test of time, and practices that go directly to the source of our suffering, connecting the highest truth of our Being — Awareness & Love — with the darkest aspects of our shadow — fear, guilt, and shame — in a way that transforms our understanding and relationship to ourselves, and awakens us to the magnificence of who and what we have always been just behind the drama of our minds.

Ways to contact me:
Phone:  530-514-8424

Email: sohamscott@gmail.com