A Guide and Companion on the Journey

I see the process of healing on an emotional/psychological level as a necessary stage in the larger process of awakening. Awakening to what? To the truth of who we are and why we are here. I do not presume to have the definitive answer for what that might mean for you. I believe that this answer lies within your own heart, awaiting discovery, and then manifestation. It is my purpose to help you in this challenging, but deeply rewarding process.

There are many obstacles on the path of healing and awakening. The experience of our life has left us with wounds in our heart and distortions in our mind. The culture that we live in knows little of the profound truth of love and service as a way of life. The families that we grew up in were imperfect in their reflection of truth. There are important inner changes that must be made in order for our minds to see clearly into how things really are and our hearts to freely love and be loved. And since we cannot and do not make these changes all by ourselves, we must learn to connect with others and with the Source of Wisdom and Compassion in whose arms we 

are already held.

I’d like to be a guide and companion with you on this journey. I’ve been walking it myself for over 30 years. I offer a psychotherapeutic process that is rooted in the interface between psychology and spirituality. This psychospiritual view looks at people from a very holistic and inherently positive perspective. The starting assumption is that you are always and ever precious and worthwhile, but that you may have come to believe otherwise throughout the course of your life experience. Therefore, the process I seek to facilitate is one of allowing Wisdom and Compassion to heal the deep wounds in your heart and distortions in your mind so that you might be free of fear and shame and perceive yourself and live your life with grace and understanding. We move towards forgiveness, which means that we cease to hold the events and experiences of our lives against ourselves or others. This frees the heart of its burden of anger, resentment, bitterness, and despair, and allows love and joy to spring forth.

An individual session is a supported exploration into yourself. You learn to lean into and explore aspects of your inner life that you have typically come to avoid, cultivating instead a compassionate attitude towards that which you have held with criticism and disdain. You work towards the peaceful integration of the various parts of yourself with the goal of creating integrity and harmony within, and living in the world with authenticity and compassion.