Working with Trauma

Bringing Awareness & Love to our most challenging states of mind.


This event took place on Saturday, August 17, 2019.

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Trauma means that we’ve experienced something that is beyond our ability to cope with. The experience was too intense, too painful, too difficult for us to stay fully present with. We dealt with what we had to in order to survive, and we split off and repressed the rest of the experience into our body-mind to be dealt with later. This is an important capacity, for without it overwhelming events would shut us down and make us incapable of taking the action we need to take in order to survive what was happening in the moment. 

The problem is that we rarely want to, or know how to return to the repressed energies of the trauma in order to allow them to express and release. People can go years, decades, lifetimes with their avoided trauma still stuck in the body-mind, still being negatively influenced by the repressed stories and emotions of our unresolved painful experiences — the unhealed past contaminating our present, and creating a fearful shadow over our future. 

The program on August 17 will be designed to educate you regarding how to work with your own difficult emotional energies. You will learn how feel into your avoided pain without becoming lost in it, and in the process learn something about yourself — that you are so much more than your emotional states, even the scary ones. You have the power within you to heal yourself, to love yourself, and to transform yourself — even and especially your trauma.

*IMPORTANT* This program is not meant to be a substitute for the work that you may need to do with a professional therapist and/or healer who specializes in trauma work. It is meant to complement that work. The program will inform you about what trauma is, and how to heal it. It will empower you to face what must be faced in order for you to be free of the continued effects of past events. Please know that if you have been repressing and avoiding your pain or loss, this event will likely bring it to the surface, and be but the beginning of a healing process that you will need to stay engaged in. There will be Reiki healers available after the program for those that need some added support to center and ground, and I will provide a list of therapists who specialize in trauma work for those who would like to continue their work in that way.

It is time for us to move beyond mere survival. Whether you have been the victim of childhood abuse of various kinds, a Camp Fire survivor, a Cancer survivor, or simply have experienced the many kinds of trauma that moving through life as a human being results in, please feel welcome to come and begin, or continue your healing journey. It is crucial for you to discover that you can bring awareness and love to your pain in powerfully healing ways It is crucial for you to discover that there is profound support and grace from the Spiritual dimension to help you heal and grow. We will be providing a safe environment for you to lean into your shadow in a way that reveals your Light.

By the way, I am inviting you even if you feel that you don’t have specific trauma to work with. All of us have difficult and challenging emotional states that we chronically avoid. This program will teach you how to lean in, love, and clear this energies. The result? A greater sense of freedom and the reclaimed energy to creatively live your life.

This Satsang is free of charge. Donations of any amount are gladly accepted, but not required.